Forklift trading At IB Forklifts, we know the forklift industry like the backs of our hands. And we’re happy to put that knowledge to work for you. Are you looking for a specific forklift? Offering one for sale? Say the word and we’ll put all our resources to work for you: our website, apps, social media channels and industry contacts. Thanks to our knowledge of the industry and our many connections, the success of your transactions is assured. When a purchase or sale has concluded, we take only a small, set brokerage fee. Advantages for you:

  • No staff expenses
  • Good and speedy service
  • Benefit from our industry knowledge
  • No lost time; we’ll arrange the sale or purchase
  • Professional dispatch

Forklift sales and purchases If you would like to sell or purchase a forklift through IB Forklift, please contact us. We’ll get you all set up for success. Share this page Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestlinkedinmail

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