App Downloads

Forklift apps The forklift industry is no slouch when it comes to deploying the latest online and mobile technologies. As a professional, neither should you be. That’s why IB Forklifts develops custom apps. Our custom app will allow you to conveniently manage your organisation from your smartphone:

  • Forklift inventory management
  • Presentation of your entire forklift stock
  • Instant sharing of news and promotions with your clients
  • Special offers for app users
  • Forklift search
  • Website and social media links to improve online presence

Which app package is right for you? How do you intend to use your mobile app? IB Forklifts offers a number of options:

  • Custom app – Custom-built to match your organisation and personalised with your logo, house style and menus. Combine with the basic or revolution subscription package.
  • IB Forklifts Sales app – Use our app to offer your forklifts for sale in selected European markets.
  • IB Forklifts Direct Mail – Use our mailings to market your forklifts directly to your target audience anywhere in Europe.
  • IB Forklifts Gold – Would you like to use all of IB’s app services? Go for Gold. The Gold package puts your target audience at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Extra service As an extra service, IB Forklifts can make its app portal available to clients so they can offer their products to all of Europe. Your own app Are you interested in an affordable forklift app of your very own? We would be happy to develop one for you! Contact us so we can tell you more. IBForklifts-iphone-ipad-app Share this page